Green Foundation is a young Slovak program-based Foundation transcending Central Europe that primarily focuses on developing social innovation, adapting society to major challenges such as climate change, new technologies, and supporting young people’s civic engagement. Green Foundation is currently concentrating its attention on the creation of endowment programs, which will be launched in the course of the second half of 2018.


The Green Foundation was established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Boris Zeleny on December 22, 2015, with the aim to develop his philanthropic activities in Slovakia. In 2016, the Foundation supported small projects such as the International Film Festival Ekotopfilm, TrashOut, or Your Buddy. (For more information on supported projects and how to apply for support).
In 2017, the Foundation has been restructured, along with a redesign of its identity. The Foundation is currently defining its new program pillars, and these will be the main objectives during the next few years. Within the framework of the pillars it will create specific grant programs. Along with grant support, the Foundation will also develop its own project activities.


  • Jan Kurka

    Executive Director

    +420 777 828 548

    Jan is responsible for the management of the foundation. He is also the chairman of the board of directors of “Blumentalska partia” project.

  • Simona Kuciaková

    Project Manager

    +421 948 419 929

    Simona is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Roots & Shoots International Education Program. She graduated in Ecology and Aesthetics at Masaryk University in Brno. She completed her Internship program in Pilsen in 2015 – in the European Capital of Culture and in Pěstuj Prostor, where she was involved in different community projects. She has also been involved in various forms of volunteering both at home and abroad and is interested in participatory approaches to education.

  • Ladislav Biro

    Program Lecturer

    Ladislav is a lecturer of the Roots & Shoost Slovakia. In his career in the last 10 years he has been involved in environmental education and education for a sustainable life. In cooperation with mayors, farmers and volunteers, he planted about 5,000 trees in the country within past 5 years. He has extensive experience with participatory planning methods in a cultural landscape which have contributed to the sustainability of the projects implemented. He studied at the Technical University of Zvolen at the Department of Planning and Landscape Design.

  • Katarína Fisherová

    Project Manager

    +421 948 305 389

    Katka is the project manager of the Academy of  Social Economics.

  • Eva Alexyová

    Manager of Community House Búdka 22

    +421 911 942 000

    Eva takes care of the foundation house “Búdka 22”, community and rent.


  • Boris Zelený

    Founder and Chairman of the Board

  • Jan Orlovský

    Executive Director of Open Society Foundation

  • Martin Hausenblas

    Philantropist and Investor

  • Pavlína Hořejšová

    Executive Director of Ashoka Czech Republic