Búdka 22

Búdka 22 is a physical implementation of endowment programs in the area of ​​Bratislava and its surroundings. It creates a community of related organizations and individuals, which are mainly dedicated to social and environmental innovations. Búdka 22 creates a space for the activities of these entities, their mutual cooperation and interaction with the public. At the same time, Búdka 22 serves as an example of an environmentally friendly house using commonly available (ie also financially) procedures. Its reconstruction was carried out in accordance with the principles of the circular economy (use of waste materials as raw materials, certified materials without chemicals, emphasis on the renewal of original equipment, etc.) and works on the principle of zero waste (ie in an effort to prevent waste).

Búdka 22 has been serving its new purpose since December 2017. Today, the house fully serves about 40 inhabitants.

You can find more about Búdka 22 here: https://budka22.eu/.