Project “ACC04P01 Wetlands for Life and Prosperity: Restoration of the Ramsar Site in the Alluvium of the Morava River.”

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Green Foundation concluded a Project Agreement for the implementation of the project “ACC04P01 Wetlands for Life and Prosperity: Restoration of the Ramsar Site in the Morava River Alluvium” within the “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” program 2014 – 2021 and the state budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of EUR 6,24969.00. The project contract is effective from 22.2.2022.

The Green Foundation is the leader of the consortium implementing the project. Other members of the consortium are Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable development – BROZ ( and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (
The main goal of the project is to restore at least 210,000 m2 of degraded wetlands belonging to the Ramsar area of the Morava River in the cadastral area of the village of Malé Leváre by 04/2024.
The project is implemented in the period from 2/2022 – 4/2024. The project contract is published in the Central Register of Contracts: 249/2021 / 7.7 Central Register of Contracts (gov. sk)

The consortium team teamed up with local landowners, who decided to dedicate abandoned meadows and extensively used agricultural land to restore local wetland ecosystems. We want to believe that this positive precedent will support other landowners in the region to restore wetlands or switch to organic and sustainable agricultural practices. 

Our common vision is to create a place suitable for relaxation and education about the importance of local wetlands. A place with rich biodiversity, full of synergies with other projects and activities in the area, with a positive impact on residents and tourists. When planning a nature trail, we also thought of people with autism spectrum disorders, to whom the trail will be “friendly”.