What is Roots & Shoots?

Roots & Shoots is a global educational program by British scientist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall. Already within the name of the program, we can see its essence – Roots & Shoots –  which metaphorically call the power of young people to change things for the better. It currently involves more than 100 countries around the world. It was brought to Slovakia by the Green Foundation in 2016.


Its main goal is to stimulate young people’s interest in the problems of their community, teach them to create their own projects and lead them to the so-called compassionate leadership so that they can create a better world through their actions.

Unique methodology, based on the so-called community service-learning prepares students, step by step, to implement their own project for the community. Pupils in primary and secondary schools in Slovakia have the opportunity to change and revitalize the local surrounding in which they live, while contributing to the goals of sustainable development (Agenda 2030).

The student team involved in the program gradually goes through a process of four steps – identifying problems in the community, proposing sustainable solutions, creating a project plan and then defending it in front of a professional committee. After a successful defense, he receives a financial grant from the Green Foundation in the amount of € 400 for the actual implementation of the project.

The key role in the program is played by teachers – the so-called facilitators for whom Green Foundation’s team provide accredited innovative education.

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More info can be found on a separate project website –

Other educational projects:


Since 2021 until 2024, we will be working with our foreign partners Jane Goodall Institute (Austria) and Nesehnutí (Czech Republic) on the international project ERASMUS +, which brings new innovative practices for young people who wants to engage in climate solutions.  As part of this project, we have extended our Roots & Shoots methodology to universities where we are testing a pilot project. Namely, at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. More info coming soon.


From 2019 to 2021, Green Foundation participated in the international project ERASMUS + in cooperation with SEV Sever (Czech Republic) and Jane Goodall Institute (Austria). The project focuses on the creation of a new methodology for teachers and consultants dedicated to community learning in the field of education for sustainable development.

Manuals created during the E + project can be downloaded HERE:


Since 2020, Green Foundation has been providing for the Roots & Shoots Slovakia graduates the opportunity to participate in the international Climate Game On project. In cooperation with BROZ (Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable development), we have developed the Climate Ambassadors project (Ambasádori klímy), where young people can create projects which communicate the impacts of climate change and its possible solutions. In cooperation with BROZ and external climate professionals, we provide young ambassadors with methodological and financial support.