The program’s essence is evident in its name – Roots & Shoots – metaphorically calling the power of the young to change things for the better.

The program currently involves more than 100 countries worldwide and was brought to Slovakia by the Green Foundation in 2016. Its main goal is to stimulate the younger population’s interest in the problems that face their local and national communities, teach them to create their projects and mentor them to become compassionate leaders to create a better world through their actions.

Roots & Shoots’ unique methodology, based on community service learning, prepares students step-by-step to implement their projects for the community. Pupils in primary and secondary schools in Slovakia have the opportunity to change and revitalise the local surrounding in which they live whilst contributing to sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030).

The student team involved in the program gradually goes through four steps – identifying problems in the community, proposing sustainable solutions, creating a project plan and then defending it in front of a professional committee.

After a successful defence, they receive a financial grant from the Green Foundation for the actual implementation of the project. Teachers play a crucial role in the program as facilitators.