The beginning of 2022 was related to the war conflict in Ukraine. We were terrified by the horrors of this war. Therefore, we have founded the non-profit organisation HelpU together with other partners: Kiwanis Children’s Fund, Vojcik & Partners, United Hatzalah, Úsmev as a gift and DCO. 

Our goal is to assist people in crises in their first moments of need when no standardised form of assistance is accessible. We aim to influence public authorities to adapt to these situations as efficiently as possible, and we offer solutions that later become a regular part of these authorities’ functions. The primary trigger for our initiative was the crisis in Ukraine. As a result of the war, millions of people had to leave their homes, and hundreds of thousands crossed our eastern border to find relative peace and safety in Slovakia or other European countries. We offer a helping hand where it is needed.

Among our current activities is a humanitarian aid warehouse, which serves many organisations as a space for temporary storage, redistribution and subsequent material delivery. At the same time, we organise the delivery of medicines and medical supplies.

Our help covers more than just the material side

We help people who have left Ukraine to migrate, offer legal assistance, and solve complicated individual situations of Ukrainians in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Together with our partners, we also provide social and psychological counselling. During the first 100 days of the conflict, we delivered 600 tons of food, medicine, hygiene products, educational aids, generators and other necessary equipment.