Areas of

Society and education

Just donating is not enough.

Therefore, if we offer the opportunity for growth, education and understanding of the context, we will create space for a more competent, democratic, courageous and, at the same time, more compassionate society.

Through community learning based on the implementation of small projects in the field of sustainability, we help children and young people build empathy and skills for compassionate leadership.


Part of our mission is the protection and restoration of biodiversity.

We understand that biodiversity is essential to the processes that support all lifeforms on our planet, including humans.

Without a wide range of animals, plants and microorganisms, the healthy ecosystems we rely on cannot thrive. Ecosystems that we depend on provide us with the essential ingredients for life; air, food, or other raw materials. For this reason, we support the implementation of projects in this area.

Sustainability and social innovation

We perceive sustainable development as a continuous and controlled social change.

Change that occurs globally, regionally and locally.

The goal is to ensure opportunities for a good life for current and future generations. Development cannot be sustainable without consideration for nature, and its resources, without guaranteeing the basic social needs of society and its most vulnerable members. We are also very aware that it is impossible without finances, which, when generated, we strive to ensure are developed in such a way as not to cause harm to the environment or local, national and global communities.